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How Companies Can Incorporate Innovative Ride Services

Business Travel Executive’s July issue features our CEO and co-founder, Jens Wohltorf. The magazine quotes him about innovative ride services benefiting corporate travelers. The story gives corporate travel managers strategies to update organizations’ travel policies.


At a Glance: January 2018

Our year started off with a bang! If you haven’t heard yet, Blacklane announced its largest investment to date in January. But that’s not all that happened. Read on to find out more!


Fall in love with #SurpriseRides

Going somewhere special for Valentine’s Day? Tell us your plans for a chance to win a personalized Surprise Ride from Blacklane’s professional driver service for you and your special someone! We’re here to make sure your journey is just as memorable as the day.


At a Glance: Blacklane 2017

Blacklane wishes all of our customers, driver partners, family and friends a happy and healthy 2018!


Blackane’s Christmas #SurpriseRides BOSS card recipients

The season of giving and receiving isn’t only about… the giving and receiving. It’s about expressing gratitude, which is why we started our #SurpriseRides.


At a Glance: November 2017

In November, Blacklane was honored to receive two rewards. We are also proud to announce that we joined the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions and started a global carbon-offset program. Read on to find out more!

Jens Wohltorf posing with BTA organiser for the official acceptance photo at the British Travel Awards


British Travel Awards Winner!

Voters named Blacklane the Bronze recipient of Best Holiday Add-ons Provider at last night’s British Travel Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted!