Seven Things To Do in LA in Fewer Than Two Hours

Los Angeles is a city so spread apart, that it could take several visits just to get oriented. Take advantage of a car service to get you to and from each destination refreshed and ready. 

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Cycling for a cause: #YellowTheWorld Inclusive Tandem Ride

We were proud to sponsor the Inclusive Tandem Ride, giving people, who would otherwise not be able to, the chance to enjoy a bike ride. Our Partnerships Manager, Dario Sorgato, led the convoy. Read on to hear why this ride was so important to us.

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What is Open Skies?

In July we held our first Open Skies initiative in our Customer Care department from July 14 to 20. We spoke with Customer Care Trainer and Open Skies organizer, Jack Lewis, about the event. So what is Open Skies? Read on to find out.


Driver of the Month August 2018

Our Driver of the Month for August is Éric in Paris, France! Read on to find out more about Éric’s story, and how he adds a personal touch to every ride.

July At-a-Glance


At a Glance: July 2018

To help with your summer travels, this month we shared tips for several cities in the U.S. and Europe. We also had news about how we’re helping drivers communicate around the world and a profile of one of our developers. Read on for more.


Statement on Barcelona Taxi Strike

“In order to keep its guests and chauffeurs safe, Blacklane had to cancel hundreds of bookings for July 25th and 26th in Barcelona. We regret having to take these measures, as the complete cancellation of all ground transportation services in the city caused by the taxi strike will surely be harmful to the regional economy. […]


L.A.’s best restaurants to close a deal

Los Angeles has many restaurants suitable for closing a deal. Nonetheless, deciding on which might be the best fit for yourself, your client or your boss, is daunting. Here is a helpful list for the next time you are in search of that perfect L.A. restaurant to close a deal.

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