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Our Tech Stack

We don’t limit ourselves to working in a single programming language or ecosystem — there are too many great ones out there! — and on a daily basis we work with:

Dev languages basic

Our curiosity often takes us even further afield to other modern, and sometimes not-so-modern, languages:

Dev languages other
Dev languages

Other than that we love service architectures and everything that comes along with it. Like separate maintenance that makes it easy to jump right into a service and thus increases developer happiness. And yes, we also have that pre-service legacy lurking in the back.

Ok, there are a couple of things that come with a service architecture that we don’t love that much like complicated test set ups and latency, but let’s ignore that for now.

We fully embrace cloud computing and are huge AWS fans. Being able to spin up additional instances on demand and use this as a playground has been an incredibly liberating experience, both for development and QA.

We also write about the things we do so make sure to check out our blog as well.

We value open source

A lot of our team members regularly contribute to open source projects — something we strongly encourage.

Dev eurucamp

We are active in supporting open source events and conferences (for instance, we are a Gold Sponsor for Eurucamp).

As a team, we also regularly attend and/or sponsor:

Dev uikonf Dev baruco Dev aws Dev euruko Dev js

Conference impressions

Eurocamp 1
Eurocamp 2
Eurocamp 3

Hosting the Rails Girls

Dev rails girls

As a strong advocate of diversity in the workplace — especially in tech-related professions — Blacklane reached out to the Rails Girls and now supports two of their teams during their three-month Rails Girls Summer of Code Program. “Working from a desk at Blacklane gives us the opportunity to consult with Ruby experts whenever we get stuck,” says Maren Heltsche, one of the two coders. “It’s a great enrichment to our work that we are integrated in Blacklane’s team because writing a really good piece of code requires a high level of cooperation and fruitful exchange between co-workers. In addition, people are very nice so it's a real pleasure to be here!”

Read more about the Rails Girls at Blacklane.

We host user groups

Dev user groups 1
Dev user groups 2
Dev user groups 3

We value learning

No matter how tech oriented, there’s still a lot to learn from good ol’ fashioned books. We frequently purchase new ones to add to our department library, and suggestions for new, relevant reads are always welcome!

There’s so much to gain just by talking with one another, which is why we organize tech talks on a regular basis to discuss the latest developments and topics.

Plus, there’s Tech Friday, where we watch a video from a conference of our choice.

How we work

We work closely with our awesome product team and have established a hierarchy-free zone with no team leads. We fully embrace agile development and work in cross-functional SCRUM teams, usually consisting of one QA person, a couple of developers and a product owner.

What else would you like to know about us?

Send us an email: dev-team@blacklane.com