New York <> Washington car service

A navy blue sky frames one of Washington D.C's most famous landmarks - the Capitol Building gleams in the dark
A chart showing the time it takes to travel somewhere by flying, with five steps and a total time of up to 7 hours and 15 minutes.

Life's too short to spend it waiting

Think about that “quick” city-hopper flight: an hour in the air, but wasted hours before and after standing in line, surrounded by others, inching towards your destination.

A chart showing the time it takes to travel somewhere by chauffeur, with just one step and a total time of 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Reclaim time with long-distance rides

There’s a better way: Blacklane’s long-distance rides make the journey a seamless A to B, with only privacy and relaxation in-between. Discover the difference for yourself.

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An outline of a shield with a check mark in the middle.

Sicher und gesund ans Ziel

Reisen Sie unbesorgt in desinfizierten Premiumfahrzeugen mit lizenzierten und versicherten Chauffeuren.

The front of a sedan vehicle.

Individuelles Reisen

Entdecken Sie Ihre Reisemöglichkeiten - alles aus einer Hand: Langstreckenfahrten, einfach oder Hin- und zurück, stundenweise Buchungen, Flughafentransfers oder besondere Zustellungen.

CO2 Neutral ans Ziel

CO2 Neutral ans Ziel

Seit 2017 sind alle Fahrten 100% CO2 Neutral als Teil unseres globalen Carbon Offset Programm - das Erste in unserer Branche.

A chauffeur wearing a protective face masks gets ready to greet an approaching guest.

Your comfortable, private long-distance transportation

Say goodbye to crowded terminals and long lines and hello to peaceful, premium car service from New York down the East Coast. While Blacklane chauffeurs take you there in comfort and style, our rigorous Health and Safety Standards ensure you can feel safe and taken care of on your city-to-city journey. The perfect choice for traveling professionals, you can even get some work done on the way much more comfortably than with mass transit.

Explore the world from the back seat

Ready to redefine the meaning of “road trip”? Whether you’re exploring closer to home on the East Coast or traveling between stops on a European vacation, you can book a Blacklane ride for so much more than just airport transfers. Unlike other forms of transportation, you make your own schedule. Need more space for your family, friends, or coworkers? No problem, just book a Business Van/SUV. You can even reserve a chauffeur by the hour when you need to adapt your trip on the fly or run errands.

Blacklane chauffeur helping female passenger put her luggage into the trunk of the vehicle