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Taxi Alternative in Muharraq


Your Muharraq taxi alternative

Muharraq was the historical capital of Bahrain until it was superseded and somewhat enveloped by the modern capital, Manama. Known for its traditional souk (market) and as a center for Bahraini arts and religion, Muharraq is also the headquarters of Gulf Air. If you’re in town, whether for business or perhaps visiting friends and family, a trusted Muharraq car service is just the ticket for getting out of the heat and to your destination. You can book your ride ahead of time by making use of our app for iOS and Android, meaning you can afford to concentrate on the more important matters at hand.

Get around Muharraq in comfort

Get around Muharraq in comfort

If you’re looking for an efficient and stress-free method of ground transportation, a chauffeur service in Muharraq with Blacklane is your safest bet. In the heat of a Bahraini summer, you’ll want to spend as little time exposed to the sun as possible. Your chauffeur will take you door to door in air-conditioned bliss, ensuring you arrive at business engagements refreshed and energised. If you’re hoping to make a big first impression with your arrival then our First Class service is all you’ll need - guaranteed to turn a few heads as you step from the car.


Your Muharraq airport transfer

A Muharraq airport transfer is a great idea if you’re arriving in Bahrain with a long-distance flight. After six or seven hours of discomfort, the very last thing you’ll want to be doing is standing in a line for a cab or attempting to decipher the public transit map. Your Blacklane operative can be there to meet you in the airport, help you with the luggage into the back of your air-conditioned vehicle before delivering you directly to your hotel or accommodation. If you input your flight number during our booking process, we can track the progress of your flight and make adjustments