What is the carbon-offset program?

The carbon-offset program offers companies the chance to invest in low-carbon development projects around the world to balance out its carbon footprint.

Collaborate with a trusted partner

We’ve partnered with Carbon Footprint to offset all Blacklane rides on a quarterly basis. Carbon Footprint measures the total carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by Blacklane rides to calculate the total offset price. Blacklane’s investment focuses on renewable energy and funds a wind-power project in India.

Cover the cost

Blacklane supports corporate action to fight climate change and encourages the development of clean energy solutions. The amount that Blacklane pays for carbon offset is based on the amount of kilometers driven around the world.

Support CSR initiatives

This program helps align company travel needs with in-house sustainability initiatives. With Blacklane, business travelers and corporate travel managers know that their ground transportation is carbon neutral.

Book zero-emission rides with our Green Class

Together, let’s reduce dependency on fossil fuels, clean up our cities’ air, and show that going green isn’t a compromise, it’s an upgrade.

Our service class of electric vehicles is now available in select cities, with many more to come. Book your eco-friendly ride in a Tesla Model S or Model X today.

Who knew black could be so green?

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