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March 21, 2024

More than Half of US Office Workers Struggling with a Rise in Demand for Face-to-Face Meetings

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- Research from Blacklane finds over half (53 percent) of the US struggling with demand for in-person meetings, as planes, trains, and automobiles pose as the new office

- 46 percent have seen an increase in the number of in-person meetings in the last two years

New York, 21st March 2024: New research § reveals that over half (53 percent) of office workers in the US, who have experienced an increase in in-person meetings, are struggling to cope with the increased demand, as business travel and face-to-face time is on the rise.

For many, this has resulted in an increase in business travel, with 41 percent admitting the frequency of work-related travel has increased over the last two years - In fact, 73 percent of office workers have traveled up to 50 times for business in the last 12 months.

The research confirms and even exceeds the results of a separate report§§ which shows business travel is booming, predicting that it will reach its pre-pandemic total of $1.4 trillion in 2024 and grow to nearly $1.8 trillion by 2027, as many companies resume business operations.

Dr. Jens Wohltorf, CEO and Founder at Blacklane said: “Across the board, we’re seeing a huge increase in the demand for business travel as we experienced a growth rate of 50 percent in the past year and our revenue quadrupled in 2022 compared to the previous year. People spend more time out and about meeting clients, colleagues, associates, and so on, and in turn, this means more time spent away from the desk, impacting efficiency and ultimately meaning more work is trying to be squeezed into the same day.”

Whilst in-person meetings and business travel are on the rise, virtual meetings persist with 49 percent saying there’s also an increase in remote meetings - adding to the difficult balance between the virtual and face-to-face world. For 53 percent of office workers, this change is accompanied by a feeling of increased pressure to be constantly available, especially on the way to work and during business trips. This perception is significantly more pronounced among younger generations such as Generation Z (52 percent) than among baby boomers (41 percent). When it comes to productivity on the go, 92 percent of US office-based professionals send emails outside of work, often when commuting or traveling (39 percent).

Dr. Jens Wohltorf, CEO and Founder at Blacklane continues, “Whilst business travel and in-person meetings are on the rise, Blacklane is prioritizing upgrading our services to ensure that our limousines can act as an on-the-go office to keep up with this demand. As more professionals travel around we anticipate that they will opt for modes of transport that they can work remotely from. That’s why all our chauffeurs pride themselves on reliable and prompt service while our cars have Wi-Fi access to work on the move, so that time away from the office doesn’t need to be stressful.”

20% of US office-based professionals voted noise as the worst part of trying to work on the go, followed by unplanned wait times and delays (18 percent), the lack of internet connection (18 percent), and a lack of seating (17 percent). Blacklane is dedicated to providing a peace-of-mind experience that meets the needs of its customers everywhere and alleviates these concerns. The company offers a portfolio ranging from airport transfers to City-to-City routes connecting metropolitan areas, as well as Chauffeur-by-the-hour services to address all needs. In addition, Blacklane is one of the safest mobility services globally with only two moderate accidents per 1,6 million kilometres.

Blacklane prides itself on offering the best service. For more information on Blacklane's research and information on their routes, please visit


Notes to Editor:

§ The survey of 2,002 office-based professionals in the US who are 18+. CensusWide conducted this on 3rd - 8th March 2024. An office-based professional is defined as someone who works from their company’s office for more than 4 days each month.

§§ Report from Global Business Travel Index Report 2023.

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