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ロサンゼルスを動き回ることは気候が良い時期でも大変です。しかし、ブラックレーンをご利用いただければ、ゆったりとお楽しみいただけます。 地元を熟知した信頼できるドライバーのサービスで、快適におくつろぎください。 ドライバーは、道路の知識が豊富なだけではなく、お客様一人ひとりのニーズに合わせたサービスのご提供のエキスパートです。 たとえば、ブラックレーンのドライバーであるアレクサンダーはお客様がインスタグラムの動画を撮影されていることに気づき、インスタ映えするスポットにお連れしました。 お客様のニーズに素早く気付いて対応する優れたサービスこそ、空港送迎に加えてロサンゼルスご旅行時の移動にブラックレーンが選ばれる理由です。 ビジネスでもレジャーでも、信頼できる移動手段があるかどうかが旅行に大きな違いを生みます。

Travel comfortably in LA by chauffeur service

As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, Los Angeles is a daunting city to get around. The public transport system leaves much to be desired, many areas of the city lack connections and delays on the bus network in particular are commonplace. A large and sprawling city, a number of Los Angeles’ suburbs have a less-than-savoury reputation, so it’s best you choose a safe and reliable mode of transport. With carefully vetted, professional chauffeur service, Blacklane is an ideal transport solution for those who wish to leave nothing up to chance in Los Angeles. Feel safe and secure as you are chauffeured from A to B in the city, whether you are based in Hollywood, Silverlake, Anaheim or beyond. Direct, comfortable and stylish, a Blacklane ride is the perfect alternative to a Los Angeles taxi service.

Tour the city by private chauffeur in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city best explored by car. As well as our standard A to B trips, Blacklane is also available for hourly hire, which you can be utilized for a tailor-made city tour. Reserve a Blacklane for an entire day, kicking things off with a morning drive up to the Griffith Observatory for a fantastic view of the iconic Hollywood Sign. Next, cruise down Sunset Boulevard, past Chateau Marmont and the Beverly Hills Hotel and onwards to the Grove, Los Angeles most famous and extensive outdoor mall. An afternoon and evening is easily spent at either upmarket Santa Monica, or weird and wonderful Venice Beach, both boasting many fantastic bars and restaurants. Hop between hip eateries and cocktail bars with your reliable Los Angeles limousine service on call, an fitting way to end a day exploring America’s City of Angels.

Transfer to and from LAX by private car

Along with our regular city transfer service, Blacklane is also available for reliable transfer to and from LAX Airport. Our services can easily be booked at anytime from anywhere, via either our website or app (available for both iOS and Android). All airport pickups from LAX include a range of extras, designed to make your transfer as efficient and stress-free as possible. A hour of free wait time takes care or any delays incurred at customs and baggage, while our integrated flight tracking system alerts your chauffeur regarding delays to your arrival time, so he can adjust your pickup accordingly. Whether you are heading out to Anaheim to visit Six Flags and Disneyland, or direct to Downtown Los Angeles, a Blacklane car service is guaranteed to get you there feeling fresh and ready.

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