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Your Faridabad taxi alternative

Your Faridabad taxi alternative

Faridabad is a satellite and commuter city of Delhi, its enormous northern neighbour which dominated it culturally and economically. The city is an industrial center in its own right, being home to almost three thousand officially registered factories. Whether you’re in town for business, visiting family or as a tourist, a trusted Faridabad car service is a great idea for getting to where you need to be as efficiently as possible and with the minimum of fuss. You can book your ride on the move thanks to our Blacklane app for iOS and Android, giving you time to concentrate on the more important aspects of your trip.

Get around Faridabad in style

Get around Faridabad in style

Tailoring your ride to suit your exact and specific needs is easy by making a number of deliberate choices during the booking process. If you’re travelling as part of a larger group of up to five, then a Business Van Faridabad chauffeur service is just the ticket, perfect for groups of colleagues travelling together. If you’re hoping to make a big splash with an arrival, perhaps for an important business engagement, then a First Class service is a sure fire way to turn some heads. If you needed some added flexibility with your ground transportation over a duration of time of your choosing, then our hourly hire is there to help.

Faridabad airport transfer

Faridabad airport transfer

If you’re touching down in Faridabad by air, chances are you’ll be landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport in nearby Delhi. While the airport may be relatively nearby, it will still take over an hour to travel to or from by car. A Faridabad airport transfer is just the ticket. There’s no better feeling after a long-haul flight then stepping straight into your air-conditioned vehicle and being delivered directly to your hotel or accommodation in the city. If you’re on your way out of town, your experienced and locally-knowledgeable Blacklane professional is the ideal way to make sure you get there on time.