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Reliable Minneapolis limousine service

The name Minneapolis is a combination of the Dakota Sioux word for water and the Greek polis, meaning city. “Water City” fits, seeing as this city finds itself not only on the Mississippi River, but also home to 20 lakes and wetlands as well as creeks and waterfalls. The city prides itself greatly on its nature, also boasting the claim of having the country’s most well-designed, financed, and maintained park system. One such park is part of the Walker Art Center, considered one of America’s “big five” modern art museums - somewhere you can get to via a [Blacklane limousine service. Use your time efficiently when getting to know this city by booking a limousine in Minneapolis - our premium vehicles come in three classes, ensuring you an efficient Minneapolis taxi alternative for your journey.

Explore Minneapolis with a chauffeured limo

The chauffeurs of Blacklane’s Minneapolis limousine service are locals, assuring excellent, first-hand knowledge of the city. Only the best suited, safest routes will be chosen to drive you to and from your destinations. Book an hourly, as-directed ride with our stylish Minneapolis chauffeur service, and you can get a whole tour of the city based on only what you want to see. If you go out to eat at one of Minneapolis’ many restaurants, remember to book your limo to pick you up at the end of the night, so that you don’t need to stand around waiting to flag a taxi.

Book your Minneapolis airport limo

Traveling to or from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport? Then book our flexible Minneapolis airport transfer to have a chauffeur ready and waiting when you land. It’s not only easy to book with Blacklane, but it is also possible to do so any time of the night or day, whether at home or on the go. Your limousine ride can be booked over our website or using our smartphone app, and requires just three steps: All prices are binding, so you know that there will be no extra charges or hidden fees. We offer a reliable, affordable, quality Minneapolis car service that can't be found with any public transportation or taxi.

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