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What do we do?

The Customer Care & Operations (CC & O) team is one of the largest within the company, and although we occupy the top floor of our office, we consider ourselves the foundation of Blacklane’s service.

On a daily basis, we integrate all operations on our floor, making sure the know-how is centered exactly where it’s most useful for our customers. We sit all together to facilitate speedy problem solving and keep communication quick and easy — perfect for helping our customers.

Our customer service is award-winning, and our Customer Care model provides premium quality services to ensure guaranteed satisfied customers, and also a stimulating and diverse environment that rewards and provides opportunities for our employees. We are proud to be part of the Blacklane journey, and we are always looking for new people to bring their experience and expertise on board and help us continue to improve.

What I love about working within BLCC and Operations is even as we have grown to over 50 people we still all work together with a strong team bond.

Colette, Payment Specialist

Ontmoet het team

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Beverley, Jordan and Claudia are all part of the front-line crew that handles incoming calls and emails from guests and chauffeurs. They all bring the most important characteristics to the Blacklane table: fun loving, adapt easily and swiftly to new changes, and great communication skills. What else could you even ask for?!?

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Mans is one of our trainers, and is responsible for ensuring that the entire Customer Care & Operations team has the relevant knowledge to help our customers and chauffeurs throughout the day. Having worked in customer-centric roles for most of his professional career, he easily balances between striving for excellence and acting quickly in a fast-paced startup environment. His colleague in the training team, Paige, one of our most senior staff members, went to Las Vegas in early 2015 to collect our bronze Stevie Award. She represented the entire Blacklane CC & O team at this prestigious award ceremony in front of Customer Service and Sales experts from around the globe.

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Yolanda and Ivy are here to support our Mandarin-speaking customers. They combine almost all of the skills we need, but in one small and highly effective team. They both have permanent smiles on their faces, and manage to infect the rest of the team with their humour and good mood on a daily basis. When our Mandarin-speaking customers aren’t keeping them occupied, they dive into the world of the Booking team to help out where they can.

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Service Control is the operational heart of the Blacklane service, although you won’t reach these guys on the phone. As Wanja (left) succinctly explains, “We are the eyes and the ears of Blacklane for any and all bookings happening anywhere around the globe within the next 60 minutes, as well as tours that have just started.” They make sure the chauffeurs are on the way to pickups at the expected place and time, and in the case of emergencies, such as traffic jams or car breakdowns, they’re the ones that do their very best to ensure customers are still picked up.

Another part of this team is Event Coordination. Marten (right) is heading up this relatively new team, and handles any requests for ground transportation for events such as trade shows, conferences, roadshows, film festivals or sporting events.

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The Booking crew is what would generally be called a back-office team, as they’re not usually in direct contact with customers or chauffeurs. Their role, however, is as important as any other within CC & O, as they ensure that bookings from some of our larger customers are in the system and booked correctly. The Booking team is appreciated by the entire department, as they provide the required assistance to ensure that no guest is too large or small to use our services. Martina and Kaja are both on our booking crew, and have incredible patience when it comes to dealing with the rest of us.

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Driver Operations is the newest branch within the CC & O crew. While one side supports our partners and chauffeurs with immediate questions related to today’s bookings, the Driver Operations crew supports our growing partner base with more long-term questions, such as training, using the Blacklane apps, and queries about Blacklane standards. The crew is still small with Gosia, Karina and Mike (not shown), however it will probably double in size by the end of the year. The combination of the Driver Operations team, Service Control, as well as our English and Chinese team, allows us to know intuitively how every single one of our business districts works, and helps us to get to know our chauffeurs on a first-name basis.

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The Payment crew is one of the newer areas of responsibility that CC & O has taken on, and Colette, Diana and Oliver are part of this group. Any billing problems that a customer encounters after their Blacklane service is provided is solved in a efficient manner that leaves the customer satisfied. They also provide support for customers in a pre-booking situation, when occasional credit card issues may occur. On top of that, they will soon be supporting our chauffeur community with payment-related questions.

Why Work in Customer Care

Multicultural Crew

Our Customer Care crew comes from over 16 different countries and speaks more than 20 languages! Everyone brings a fresh perspective to the table, and you won’t find another Customer Care team more close-knit than ours.

Outstanding Culture

We have a positive and dynamic work culture, with quarterly team events organized by our colleagues. It doesn’t matter if we’re on a boat trip down the Spree, or playing ballon football, we love having a good time together.

We Work Together

We integrate almost all operations into a single department to make sure that solving a problem is never far away from the customer or our employees. All of our extensive know-how is in the same spacious room, ensuring that the correct person to speak with is only a few feet away.

Career Advancement

We offer far more opportunities than regular customer care departments, and there’s always the possibility of advancement into other crews. This ensures that there are always things to learn and new challenges ahead for ambitious folks that strive for more!

Open Positions

Do you think that you have what it takes to work in an environment like ours?

Are you ambitious and want to show what you can accomplish given the right tools?

Are you still looking for a workplace where you are appreciated and go to work knowing your colleagues look forward to seeing you every single day?

Apply for any of our available jobs, and we will make sure to give you the attention your application is due!