Reclaiming Traveler Productivity with Airport Concierge Services

Business travelers waste untold billions of dollars each year waiting. Waiting in airport security lines. Waiting in customs and immigration lines. Waiting between connecting flights. So just how much time do we wait and waste?


Taken For a Ride: How Legacy Chauffeur Companies Overcharge Travelers

The chauffeur industry is one of the last travel sectors to modernize – and customers are paying the price. Across 20 global cities, on average, travelers spend more than twice what they need to. The reason: legacy limousine services cling to an outdated, low-tech, inflexible business model.


Blacklane Developer Journeys: Rocco – Frontend Developer

This month, we’d like to introduce you to Rocco. Rocco is a Frontend Brigand (what his signature says), aka a Senior Frontend Developer (what HR and all the official docs say). He first joined Blacklane in October 2015 and left in September 2017. Then, he repented himself and came back in May 2018.  


The 11 Hidden Costs of Ground Transportation

Ground transportation is full of hidden extras and wasted time. Luckily, we’ve done the legwork on how to evaluate the total cost of taxis, ride hailing, and chauffeured services.


Introducing our new eco-friendly option: The Green Class

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new service class of electric vehicles, Blacklane’s Green Class!


We now offer airport concierge service around the world for just $100!

500+ airports, 1 great price, 0 lines. Making your way through the long lines and maze-like terminals of a busy airport is now easier than ever.


A carbon-neutral company

Last year, Blacklane was the first ride service to offset carbon emissions of all of our rides worldwide. We’ve now completed the next step: offsetting CO2 emissions from our entire company’s operations. This makes Blacklane’s business entirely carbon-neutral.

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