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Erika and Sara, members of our People & Culture Team, mark the onboarding progress of new employees on a whiteboard.
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A company is only as strong as its crew, so we are driven to foster and create a work environment that is motivating, inspiring, and open.

Through transparency, communication, and open feedback, we bring every department together, working towards the same goal. Our quarterly Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) encourage further alignment and strengthen our culture.

Everyone has valuable ideas, and we want your unique perspective on how to make Blacklane an even better place to work. This is your chance to make your mark and be part of the Blacklane journey!

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Personal development

Create a personal development plan. Set goals, learn new skills, and connect with a mentor to help you reach what you want to achieve. Budget for online courses, conferences, and books bolsters your learning journey.

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Open feedback culture

Discover a company culture where open feedback and communication is valued. We offer monthly 1:1 chats with one of our C-level team members — Jens, Frank, and Sascha — as we believe feedback makes Blacklane a better place to work.

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Lottery lunch

Get to know your fellow Blacklaners! Once a month, everyone is randomly sorted into small groups and given a budget to go for lunch. This strengthens bonds across departments, and opens the flow of communication.

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Social events

From Friday evening drinks at the office, to twice-a-year department events with a budget for every team, we offer plenty of opportunities to connect with your team and build relationships. And not to brag, but our summer and winter parties are legendary.

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Flexible work environment

Ensure your work life and home life exist in harmony. Find out what works for you and your team with flexible working hours, and home office days. Core working hours cater to both the early birds and night owls.

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The TV Tower, a landmark of Berlin, has a viewing platform and restaurant over 200 metres above the ground.



The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is shaped like the sail of a boat and surrounded by ocean water.



The sun reflects off the Brisbane River and on the bank are trees and skyscrapers.



The three towers of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel stand across the bay from Downtown Singapore.



Our offices are located in Berlin, Dubai, Brisbane, Los Angeles, and Singapore — with more to come!

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Our core values

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Be reliable

Provide a service that customers can rely on. Be someone your colleagues can count on. Work only with reliable drivers that we trust. Earn trust and keep it.

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Break new ground

Look for ways to iterate and improve. Encourage curiosity. Learn quickly from mistakes and grow from the experience. Aim to be better every day. Seek to create an amazing service, be the industry leader and smash customer expectations.

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Care about passengers, drivers and each other - about our community and how we give back. Care about making our product and service exceptional.

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Go the extra mile

See beyond what is required. Be proactive to go over and above customers’ expectations. If you see something that could be better, take the initiative to improve it.

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Act with integrity

Act in a fair and honest manner. Strive to always do the right thing by our passengers, our drivers and each other. Treat everyone with the same level of respect.