Sustainability initiatives

The view from the backseat of a high-class car, including a chauffeur wearing a mask, the high-tech dashboard, and the tree-lined road ahead.
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100% carbon neutral

100% carbon neutral

Ride easy knowing we offset the carbon footprint of all rides around the globe.

The new normal

The new normal

Experience top-tier electric vehicles in our Business Class, in select cities worldwide.

Supporting innovation

Supporting innovation

Travel with a founding member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.

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All of our rides and operations are 100% carbon neutral. We offset the carbon footprint of all our rides around the globe, and we will also continue to advance sustainability as part of our long-term company vision. Our company-wide commitment, including emissions-free vehicles and carbon offsetting of all rides and company operations, started in 2017.

We strongly believe that electric vehicles are not a novelty or experiment, but rather the new normal when it comes to ground transportation. This is why we have integrated them directly into our Business Class, as it shows our long-term commitment and our readiness to add more emissions-free vehicles.

Alongside environmental sustainability, we are also committed to social sustainability. Our Blacklane Cares initiative supports employee-driven projects that give back to the community. This includes fundraisers at both an international and local level, as well as volunteering in our local communities.