Global ground transportation for business executives

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Corporate chauffeur services for every occasion

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Business trips & meetings

Ensure punctual arrivals, seamless departures, and foster strong professional relationships at every meeting.

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City-to-City travel

Effortlessly work while traveling City to City. Seamlessly travel between London to Manchester or Paris to Lyon, and more.

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Global airport transfers

Experience seamless airport pick-ups and drop-offs, making your corporate travels hassle-free.

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Client & partner travel

Impress clients and partners with exceptional chauffeur service, elevating their travel experience.

"I know that I can rely on Blacklane's high quality standards worldwide. The customer is the main focus at Blacklane, which makes me feel taken care of."

Tom Grover, European VSP, Smith & Nephew

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A new level of chauffeur reliability

Our global network of locally licensed and insured chauffeurs ensures a seamless transportation experience for corporate travel.
✓ Availability in 50+ countries
✓ Skilled English-speaking chauffeurs
✓ Real-time tracking and notifications
✓ Modern fleet for a professional and productive travel

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A relief from chasing invoices

Simplify your bill management. Our automated invoicing system streamlines the process, while dedicated corporate support are ready to assist.
✓ All-in-one platform for hassle-free bookings
✓ Automated invoicing for easy bill management
✓ Dedicated support & account managers
✓ Enjoy corporate rebates & login access for 500+ travelers

Award-winning chauffeur service
B2B Business Traveler Awards 2023
B2B Award 2024 - Business Travel Awards Europe 2024
B2B Award 2024 - World Travel Awards 2024

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Competitive pricing

Access premium service at distance-based prices that are fair to you and our chauffeurs.
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Global availability

Our worldwide chauffeur service guarantees prompt and reliable travel.
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Priority dispatching

Streamline your experience with priority bookings and real-time tracking.

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Easy booking

Easy one-page booking, with instant confirmation and transparent pricing.
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Corporate support

Our multilingual, 24/7 support team ensures corporate clients are covered around the clock.
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Electric vehicle option

We proudly offer an array of EVs in select cities, and ensure our carbon footprint is offset!

Experience our corporate benefits

Sustainability initiatives

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Electric ClassNEW

Choose our new Electric Class to book chauffeured rides in top-tier electric vehicles like the Jaguar I-PACE, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X.

Learn more
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The new normal

Electric vehicles are also incorporated into our Business Class and First Class in many cities. Our current goal is to have 50% of our rides be electric by the end of 2025.

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100% carbon offset

Whichever vehicle class you choose, we automatically offset the emissions with our carbon offset program.

Elevate your business travel

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Frequently asked questions

How far in advance can I book a ride?

You can book rides months in advance or as soon as 60 minutes before you need them. We recommend booking with as much lead time as possible.

Blacklane has the most customer-friendly cancelation policy in the industry, with guests able to cancel rides free-of-charge up to an hour before the pickup time.

You can also make changes to your booking up until 60 minutes before the pickup time.

What vehicles does Blacklane use?

Blacklane offers four vehicle classes in most locations: Business Class, Electric Class, First Class, and Business Van/SUV. 

Each of these categories contain a selection of comparable, top-of-the-line models, which you can see listed in the booking process, or in our Help Center.

Please bear in mind that the images seen when booking are strictly illustrative. We cannot guarantee any requests for specific vehicle models or colors as the vehicle used is subject to availability.

Which languages do the chauffeurs speak?

All of Blacklane’s chauffeurs speak English and the language of the country they operate in.

Which payment options are available?

Blacklane accepts Visa, Maestro, Mastercard and American Express cards. It is not possible to pay for the ride in cash. You can also pay via Paypal in the apps and Apple Pay if you are an iOS user. Paypal and Apple Pay are not currently available on the website.

Business accounts can also request to receive monthly invoices, instead of paying on a ride-by-ride basis.

Please keep in mind that all payment for your ride is set up in advance; your chauffeur is not able to accept payment on location.

See the latest information here.

How does Blacklane contribute to sustainable travel options?

Blacklane contributes to sustainable travel by offering electric vehicle options, incorporating EVs into our Business Class offering in many more cities, and actively working to offset its carbon footprint.

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