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Changing the travel game

Blacklane has reinvented ride services by connecting travelers with a global crew of professional chauffeurs, and we’re not stopping there. Our vision of the future of travel is seamless, sustainable, and ethical. Join us on our journey to make top-quality service convenient and accessible worldwide.

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Over a decade of travel innovation

Founded in 2011 by Jens Wohltorf and Frank Steuer, Blacklane created a smarter way to book and manage rides — something affordable, reliable, and efficient. Since then, Blacklane has grown from a two-man operation in Germany to an international, award-winning crew of over 300 people with hubs in Singapore, Spain, the U.A.E., the U.K., and the U.S.

How Blacklane works

We work with independent local chauffeur service providers around the world, and through our tech, allow global travelers to book rides with them. We do not provide, own, or control any of the rides offered by these providers, but rather facilitate them. Prices are calculated based on factors including vehicle class, distance, and drive time, and our margin comes from selling those rides to independent local chauffeur service providers, typically via our auction where they can choose the rides that best fit them.

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Our core values

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Be reliable

Provide a service that customers can rely on. Be someone your colleagues can count on. Work only with reliable chauffeurs that we trust. Earn trust and keep it.
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Break new ground

Look for ways to improve. Encourage curiosity. Learn quickly from mistakes and grow from the experience. Aim to be better every day. Seek to create an amazing service, be the industry leader, and exceed guests’ expectations.
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Care about our guests. Care about our crew of chauffeurs and each other. Care about making our product and service exceptional. Care about our community and how we give back.

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Go the extra mile

Look beyond what is required. Be proactive to go beyond guests’ expectations. If you see that something could be better, take the initiative to improve it.
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Act with integrity

Act in a fair and honest manner. Strive to always do the right thing for our guests, chauffeurs, and each other. Treat everyone with the same high level of respect — just as you would like to be treated.

"Wherever you are around the world, it’s this special feeling of being taken care of."

CEO and co-founder Jens Wohltorf

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