A picture of Place Royale, a square in Reims. In the foreground stands a statue of Louis XV. The twin towers of Cathédrale Notre-Dame are visible above buildings in the background.

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The outline of a car from the front.

Chóferes profesionales

Viaje con confianza gracias a los chóferes expertos que le ofrecen la mejor calidad, fiabilidad y discreción del sector, y mucho más.
Two circular points connected by a line representing a route

Comodidad de puerta a puerta

No se lo piense y disfrute de recogidas y llegadas de puerta a puerta, sin colas ni trasbordos.
The outline of a clock, with an arrow moving clockwise to represent time passing.

La libertad de la flexibilidad

Programa tu recogida cuando quieras, y deja los calendarios con horarios y cronogramas atrás.
Chauffeur opening the door, wearing a mask, guest getting out of the car, wearing a mask

The safe and private option for your city-to-city ride

The unofficial capital of France's Champagne region, Reims, is now reachable with an efficient Paris car service from Blacklane. Whatever your reasons for visiting Reims, a Blacklane service allows you to skip on the experience some of the busiest rail stations on the continent. For those traveling with friends, family or colleagues, then you can make use of our Business Van service, ideal for larger groups. A First Class hire is also available for those wanting to nod to the extravagant heritage of Reims - if you're heading to the home of the world's most opulent beverage, you may as well arrive in style.

Una solución sin complicaciones

Reservar nuestros viajes interurbanos como alternativa a vuelos, trenes o alquiler de coches significa evitar las multitudes y mantenerse seguro en su viaje de larga distancia. En lugar de soportar largas colas y múltiples interacciones antes incluso de salir a la carretera, solo tiene que disfrutar de la comodidad de un traslado privado en un vehículo de alta gama.

Blacklane passenger leaving vehicle, chauffeur opening door

Your new go-to for city-to-city travel

A reliable Blacklane service is now operating from Paris to transport you across Northern France and beyond. A city to city service gives you the opportunity to arrive at your precise destination recharged and well-rested, ready to take on the day. Choose a departure point and time of your choosing instead of crafting your day around railway timetables and allow one of our experienced, professional chauffeurs to get you to where you need to be in absolute travel bliss. The small city of Reims is less than a couple of hours away by car, giving you the chance to focus on the important factors of your visit away from the bustling crowds synonymous with public transportation.