Driving a greener future

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Sustainability initiatives

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Electric ClassNOUVEAU

Choose our new Electric Class to book chauffeured rides in top-tier electric vehicles like the Jaguar I-PACE, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X.

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The new normal

The way we see it, EVs will soon become the standard, which is why electric vehicles are also already incorporated into our Business Class and First Class in many cities. Our goal is for 75% of our rides to be electric by 2025.

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100% carbon neutral

Whichever vehicle class you choose, we automatically offset the emissions with our carbon offset program.

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Carbon offsetting with South Pole

In 2017, we were the first in the industry to automatically offset all our rides, no opt-in or extra charge required. Now we’re working with South Pole to offset our emissions dating back to Blacklane’s founding in 2011 – and for the years to come.

Embracing accountability with Cooper Parry

No one likes greenwashing. To make sure we — and you — have a clear view on what we’ve achieved and what we can develop further, we’re partnering with Cooper Parry to offer third-party verification of our carbon footprint and offset program and fill in any gaps.

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Committing to net-zero with The Climate Pledge

We signed The Climate Pledge, an agreement to reach net-zero carbon by 2040, 10 years earlier than the goal of The Paris Agreement. This will mean that instead of offsetting our carbon emissions, we won’t emit any at all.

Encouraging change with Time for Climate Action

There are so many ways to do good for the planet that are quick and easy, and still make a lasting long-term impact. With Time for Climate Action, we promote small steps that our customers and crew can take, for example:

  • In 2 minutes, you can ask your political representatives to take climate action in government.
  • In 5 minutes, you can switch your household to green energy, saving not just CO2 emissions, but money too.
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Founding member of The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

Blacklane is proud to be a founding member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, a network of companies with economically and environmentally sustainable offerings.

"As a travel and transportation company, Blacklane has a special obligation to protect not only people, but also the planet."

Dr. Jens Wohltorf, Blacklane CEO and Co-founder

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