Miami <> Palm Beach car service

Hotels and high rise accommodation dominate the skyline in Palm Beach

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The outline of a car from the front.


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A chauffeur stands outside his vehicle, ready to greet their next guest.

Your new city-to-city car service

You can truly enjoy traveling between cities like Palm Beach and Miami when you have a chauffeur service like Blacklane that you can rely on to provide you a premium experience. With Blacklane, you can experience some of the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in the industry, whether you're in Palma, Pittsburgh or Palm Beach. Taking care of your day-to-day travel in advance means you can afford to maximize every minute you have in town. Experience seamless transitions in Florida and beyond with Blacklane.



Blacklane passenger leaving vehicle, chauffeur opening door

City-to-city travel across the globe

Blacklane offers a city-to-city car service across Florida, the United States and the world. With routes spanning the globe, you can receive the same great service wherever your necessary travel takes you, experiencing a consistently high level of standards and professionalism. There’s nothing like the certainty and peace of mind that comes from experiencing the same quality wherever you go. Booking with Blacklane means you can make use of our luxurious city-to-city service along the following routes: