Driving a greener future

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5 minutes can change the world

This Earth Day, we’re joining Time for Climate Action! There are so many ways to do good for the planet that are quick and easy, but have a lasting long-term impact, for example:

  • In 2 minutes, you can ask your political representatives to take climate action in government.
  • In 5 minutes, you can switch your household to green energy, saving not just CO2 emissions, but money too.

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100% carbon neutral

Ride easy knowing we offset the carbon footprint of all rides around the globe.

The new normal

The new normal

Experience top-tier electric vehicles in our Business Class, in select cities worldwide.

Supporting innovation

Supporting innovation

Travel with a founding member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.

Blacklane chauffeur Rashid looks straight ahead while wearing a face mask that covers his mouth and nose

I'm more than

a chauffeur,


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"As a travel and transportation company, Blacklane has a special obligation to protect not only people, but also the planet."

Dr. Jens Wohltorf, Blacklane CEO and Co-founder