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Your stylish taxi alternative in Basel

Along with being an excellent place for a vacation, Switzerland’s third largest city is also an important center for the banking and pharmaceutical industries, which attracts many business travelers. If you’ll soon be touching down at EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (EAP), reserving your ride from airport to hotel can ensure you don’t experience any unnecessary stress during your arrival to the city. Whether you’re traveling from a nearby area or the other side of the world, navigating airports can be tiring, and hassles with finding a taxi or negotiating fares can put a damper on the beginning of your trip. With a Blacklane limousine service in Basel, you’ll receive high-end amenities at an affordable cost. All airport transfers feature a complimentary 60-minute grace period at EAP, giving you time to make it to the pickup zone, where you’ll receive a professional meet and greet and help with your luggage. Don’t waste time searching for a taxi in Basel when you could ride in the comfort and style of a classy Blacklane vehicle.

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The Trustworthy Black Car Service in Basel

Having someone with local knowledge to show you around Basel can increase your odds of having an amazing trip. Blacklane offers an hourly chauffeur service in Basel that makes it easy to book a private chauffeur. If you’re in Basel for business reasons, you’ll quickly come to trust in Blacklane’s punctuality. Whether you have an important set of meetings, a job interview or a corporate event, we’ll get you there with plenty of time to spare. When it comes to sightseeing and having fun, you’ll love having a locally knowledgeable chauffeur to help you find off-the-beaten-path locations and provide you with tips on the best ways to utilize the popular attractions. Spend the morning getting to know the wildlife at the Basel Zoo, and then head over to Museum Tinguely to ponder sculptures for the afternoon. Blacklane’s taxi alternative in Basel excellent for travelers who enjoy nightlife as well. After an evening dancing and drinking at Bar Rouge or one of the other popular clubs in town, having a safe and sober chauffeur waiting outside can be a relief.

The EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (EAP) Car Service You Can Trust

Before you can complete a successful visit to Basel, you’ll need to take care of your airport transfer. You can reserve your own private Blacklane chauffeur by visiting our website or downloading our free app for your Android or iOS platform. Not every car service in Basel is the same, but Blacklane has earned its reputation for success. In over 250 cities around the world, clients rely on the punctuality and excellent work ethic of Blacklane’s professional chauffeurs. If you need any help reserving your airport transfer in Basel, please contact our multilingual support line now.

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