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Get around Taipei in style with a stylish car service

Blacklane is the choice global car service for business and leisure travelers. Using a state-of-the-art system, we manage rides for guests at over 500 major airports, and you can trust us to provide efficient and reliable transport from airport to hotel. After arriving in Taiwan, your first task will be getting to your hotel for a good night’s sleep. You won’t want to hassle with negotiating fares or figuring out a tip for your chauffeur, let alone providing directions. With a trusted Blacklane limousine service in Taipei, you can leave the details to us. Your ride will be paid for in advance, and your chauffeur will already know exactly where you’re headed. You can simply relax and enjoy the beautiful sights in Taipei from the back of a climate-controlled car. Chauffeurs will monitor your flight times to check for delays, and airport pickups come with an hour of complimentary wait time for guests to deboard and get through the customs process. Rather than deal with the stress of finding a taxi in Taipei, book your rides with us.

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Comfort and style in China

Taipei offers visitors a delightful mix of urban comforts and natural wonders, making it an excellent location for those who are seeking a little of both. Thanks to Blacklane’s affordable chauffeur service in the city, you can book a private chauffeur for the precise amount of time you’ll need. Nature lovers won’t want to miss the mind-blowing beauty at Taroko Gorge or the serene energy at the Golden Waterfall. When you get enough fresh air for one day, have your chauffeur take you into the city for a delicious evening sampling food at the Shilin Night Market. No trip to Taipei would be complete without a visit to one of the skyscrapers. If you’re particularly adventurous, have your chauffeur take you to the Taipei 101 Mall - the ideal Taipei taxi alternative. At the top, you can sip coffee while enjoying a vertigo-inspiring view.

Airport transfer in Taipei

If you’re heading to TPE for an early flight, you’ll need to make sure your ride shows up on time. If you’re leaving later in the day, you might want to fit a few last-minute sightseeing spots into your itinerary. With Blacklane, you can either book a one-way efficient airport transfer in Taipei or book by the hour to make multiple stops before you go. To book either type of service, download the Blacklane app for your iOS or Android device or simply book on this website. If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Care Team is multilingual and available 24 hours a day to serve people all around the world. Don’t settle for uncomfortable or unreliable transportation when you could experience Blacklane car service in Taipei.

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