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A real Blacklane chauffeur Jeffrey adjusts the rearview mirror.

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Book your car service for Toronto's Pearson International Airport

Most frequent travelers have experienced the stress of being left behind by a hotel shuttle or the hassles of dealing with a bad taxi driver. You can avoid problems after arriving in Toronto by reserving your airport transfer at Pearson International Airport ahead of time. When you know a ride will be waiting, it will help you relax during your journey. Rather than negotiating fares with a taxi driver or waiting around for a bus, you’ll leave for Toronto immediately after gathering your bags and meeting your professional chauffeur. Use your limousine service at Pearson International Airport to head straight from the airport to the hotel, or request another location in the city, such as the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, CN Tower, or the Entertainment District. When you have a reliable Toronto car service for Pearson International Airport, you’ll free up energy to make plans and organize activities for your stay in Toronto. With your car service, you’ll get complimentary real-time flight monitoring and adjustment for delays, a 60-minute grace period after your plane lands, and a commercially licensed and insured chauffeur who speaks English and is familiar with the Toronto area. Don’t settle for a taxi when you could kick off your trip to Toronto with a quality ride from Blacklane.

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The ultimate route to airport freedom

Whether you’re a new traveler who’s unsure about how things work at the airport or a seasoned flyer who’s looking to avoid wasting time in long lines, Blacklane is for you. Along with providing dependable car service Pearson International Airport, we also offer a top-notch airport service. Reserve a service for the leg of your journey you’re most concerned about, or choose all four service varieties to have a chauffeur assist you every step of the way. Guests who reserve our Arrivals Service will either be met at the gate or just beyond the customs and immigration line if arriving from outside of the country. Your chauffeur will reserve your airport transfer and escort you outside to where your ride is waiting. With our Departures Service, you’ll be picked up curbside and taken through an expedited security line, saving you time and energy. Connecting guests will be met after customs and immigration and taken to their next gate with time to spare. We’ll even transport you by golf cart when necessary. This can be helpful in the event of a tight layover that only allows a short time to transfer between gates.

The best way to handle a long layover at YYZ

When you have a long layover, you can book chauffeur service at Pearson International Airport and go landside for a few hours, exploring the area with the help of your own private chauffeur. You can also choose to spend your time exploring the airport. Pearson International has a lot to offer, including several permanent exhibits from artists around the world. There are also a few rotating exhibits in partnership with the Royal Toronto Museum and other notable organizations. The airport offers plenty of great restaurants and shopping establishments, including the Body Shop, Coach, and the Scoreboard. Wandering the airport or going landside with a chauffeur isn’t for everyone. You might be unable to leave the airport, or perhaps you have important business to attend to between flights. After being on a plane for hours, you might want to find a private place to relax and check in with clients using Wi-Fi. At an airport lounge, you’ll have the peace and quiet you need to regroup. For more information read our comprehensive guide to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

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Pearson International Airport (YYZ) Information

Airport code: YYZ

Address: 6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada

Phone number: +1 416-247-7678

Number of terminals: 2


Distance to city centre: 28 miles