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Cannes’ trusted chauffeur service

Blacklane's licensed, professional chauffeurs in Cannes are well equipped to handle a variety of requests. Many guests, corporate or otherwise, prefer to travel as part of a group, and with the Blacklane Business Van class of vehicle that is easy. Families or work colleagues in groups of up to five can travel together in complete comfort and style. Those guests who hope to make an impact with their arrival can make use of Blacklane’s First Class service - the ideal alternative to a Cannes taxi. There is perhaps no more impressive way to pull up to an important business meeting or high end restaurant in Cannes than a professional Blacklane chauffeur service.

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Get around Cannes with a hired chauffeur

There aren’t many better ways to begin a trip than being met by a professional chauffeur, replete with personalized sign, happy to load your luggage into the waiting car and deliver you to your accommodation. Once you’ve found your feet, a premium Blacklane limousine service in Cannes represents a fantastic way to get about the city in style, comfort and without the A-list celebrity rates. Blacklane values honesty and transparency, which is why when you book a chauffeur service in Cannes using our accessible website or sleek smartphone app, the final price is exactly that: final. No hidden fees are accrued, which means you can accurately budget for your travel expenses in advance, something of particular use to corporate travelers. Book your comprehensive Blacklane car service in Cannes in advance of your trip!

Chauffeur service to Cannes-Mandelieu Airport (CEQ)

Perhaps the most famous destination on the French Riviera, Cannes transformation from sleepy fishing village to internationally-renowned, hyper-glamorous social hub has been marked. Every year Cannes attracts a host of wealthy and famous personalities to its film festival. While you might not be an internationally acclaimed actor or film director, there’s no reason you can’t travel like one using our Cannes chauffeur service. A reliable Blacklane airport transfer in Cannes can get you from Nice Airport to your accommodation in little over half an hour, meaning you don’t need to fret about public transport or queuing for taxis.

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