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Private limousine rental in Canberra

Canberra is a city with a lot to offer its visitors. The largest inland city in the country, Canberra may miss out on the beaches that make Australia famous but what it lacks in sea and sand it more than makes up for in magnificent scenery. If you’re one of the millions of visitors to Australia’s capital, whether in town for the purposes of business or pleasure, use a Blacklane limo service to get from point A to point B. The final price you see upon booking is precisely that - final, and you won’t need to worry about hidden charges, accrued fees or tips, all of which are included in the price. You can book quickly and easily by making use of our accessible website or, if you’re on the move, the Blacklane app for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems.

Your chauffeur hire in Canberra

Choosing your type of ride and vehicle preference beforehand allows us to tailor your ride to suit your specific set of requirements. Choose from either a simple A-to-B journey or, if you’re looking for some flexibility with your ground transportation, an hourly hire. Next, your Canberra chauffeur service can consist of a variety of different vehicles, dependent on a number of factors. If you’re with a larger group, a Business Van can transport you and up to five others comfortably, with plenty of room for luggage. A First Class service is ideal for those special occasions, whether an important business appointment or an evening at one of the city’s many outstanding restaurants and nightspots in Canberra. Wherever you need to be, trust Blacklane to get you there in consummate style and total comfort.

Getting to Canberra International Airport (CNS)

The process of getting to and from your flight can present a traveler with innumerable hidden problems. Take a wrong turn or get stuck in roadworks you didn’t realize were there and you can end up missing your flight, stranded in Australia and with an expensive replacement flight to book out of the country. Not exactly the ideal ending to a trip. A Canberra airport transfer from Blacklane means you’re in the most capable and safest pair of hands in town.Your handpicked Blacklane driver is locally-knowledgeable, experienced and professional, meaning you can afford to rest a little easier during a critical juncture of your journey home. We can track the progress of your flight if you’re coming into town and adjust for unexpected delays, meaning delays in the air don’t necessarily translate to delays on the ground.

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