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Professional limousine service in Venice

Venice, the romantic capital of the northern region of Veneto in Italy, is comprised of hundreds of small islands. It’s one of the most romantic cities in Italy, only allowing transportation around the main island with boats through their idyllic canals. Venice is most popular for tourists wanting to see St. Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace, and the Grand Canal. When arriving for your vacation, why not let a comfortable Blacklane limousine service help you get from A-to-B in the utmost style and comfort? With three classes of vehicles to choose from, you’re bound to find a car (or boat) that suits all your travel needs when in town - the comprehensive taxi alternative in Venice.

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Explore Venice with a chauffeured limo

Don’t bother with public transportation when visiting a city with an unfamiliar language. Our Blacklane limousine service is here to bring you around Venice with a English-speaking chauffeur, allowing you to ask questions during your journey. And with so many sites to see, it just makes sense to book a stylish chauffeur service in Venice to get you from the train station to the main island or vice versa. All of our chauffeurs are professionally licensed locals, giving you the peace of mind for a safe and efficient ride to your destination, and Blacklane also takes care of your water transportation. Our car service is also available by the hour, booking a limo with a chauffeur to wait on-call for as long as you would like. Venice is known for its romantic side, so book a nice black limousine by the hour for a picturesque tour of the area.

Book your Venice airport limo

Blacklane also offers a flexible Venice airport transfer should you need to get to or from Venice Marco Polo Airport during your stay in Italy. If you're heading directly to the island areas of the city, your Blacklane chauffeur will guide you directly to the relevant pier and local boat captain. From there you'll be delivered directly to the nearest docking point to your hotel or accommodation - the full Venetian experience before you've had a chance to unpack your suitcase. All this is part of our efficient Blacklane Water™ service in Venice, ensuring that we have every aspect of your journey covered. Let Blacklane make sure you get to where you need to be in the most streamlined manner possible by booking your comprehensive Venice car service today.

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