Calgary to Lake Louise Shuttle

The reflective waters of Lake Louise lie before snow-packed mountain peaks.

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Travel confidently with expert chauffeurs delivering industry-leading quality, reliability, discretion, and more.
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Rest easy with door-to-door pick-up and drop-off — no waiting in lines or change of transportation needed.
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Enjoy world class luxury and professionalism alongside local knowledge. Your chauffeur is here to help you make the most of your journey.
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Private Lake Louise shuttle service

Planning a few days beside the crystal clear waters and pristine slopes of Lake Louise? Let Blacklane streamline your plans. Our Calgary to lake Louise shuttle lets you travel the almost 200 km journey in comfort and privacy. For those arriving with their own ski equipment, our Business Van/SUV Class come with plenty of space in the back, as well as seats for five people. Experience the luxury and practicality of a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Chevrolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, or Toyota Alphard. Calgary International is the closest (major) airport to Lake Louise, an airport pick-up is easily arranged and can be canceled up to an hour before your booking. Blacklane offers a Calgary to lake Louise shuttle that will take around 2 hours. That’s time better spent in peace, away from public transportation, meaning you can rest, read, or relax. We’re also available for your return journey from Lake Louise to Calgary Airport, giving you time to unwind and reflect. Let our Lake Louise shuttle service take the stress out of your travel.

Stress-free solution

Booking our City to City rides as an alternative to flights, trains, or car rentals means avoiding the crowds and staying safe on your long-distance journey. Instead of enduring long lines and multiple interactions before you even hit the road, you just enjoy the comfort of a private transfer in a top-of-the-line vehicle.

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Blacklane for global alpine adventures

Blacklane isn’t just the ideal Calgary to Lake Louise shuttle. We’re also available globally, along routes for some of the top ski resorts in the world. Whether the Canadian Rockies or the Alps, alpine enthusiasts and winter sports aficionados can rely on Blacklane for a peaceful and private ride to their chateaus and cabins. Travel in style, away from the crowds, and you can arrive rested, relaxed and ready for the adventures ahead.

Frequently asked questions

How do you get to Lake Louise from Calgary?

You can travel by bus or car to get to Lake Louise from Calgary.

How long does it take to get to Lake Louise from Calgary?

The drive from Calgary to Lake Louise should take around 2 hours. Be sure to check local traffic reports.

How far is Lake Louise from Calgary?

Lake Louise is around 200 km (124 miles) from Calgary.

Is there a train from Calgary to Lake Louise?

There is no regular, public train service between Calgary and Lake Louise. Though Lake Louise has a train station, it only serves as a stop on a scenic tour rail journey out of Vancouver. 

What is the closest airport to Lake Louise?

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is 198 km (123 miles) and around 2 hours drive away from Lake Louise.

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