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Discover bustling, beautiful Quebec

Transportation between Montreal and Quebec City is made seamless with a premium car service from Blacklane. Sit back and relax as our team of experienced, English-speaking chauffeurs can transport you between two of French-Canada’s most important cities. If your meeting runs over if your flight to Montreal is delayed, you can rearrange your pick up free of charge up to an hour before pickup. Both Quebec City and Montreal are home to charming old towns dating back to the 16th century when the French first sailed into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Today, these cities are major hubs for Canada’s most important industries, including aerospace and clear technology.

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Booking our City to City rides as an alternative to flights, trains, or car rentals means avoiding the crowds and staying safe on your long-distance journey. Instead of enduring long lines and multiple interactions before you even hit the road, you just enjoy the comfort of a private transfer in a top-of-the-line vehicle.

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Hiring a private car for transportation between Quebec City to Montreal airport is easy and straightforward. Our local drivers are knowledgeable about the best way to get you to your destination quickly, while you relax or work in the backseat. Located at the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec City is the birthplace of French North America. It’s most famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Old Québec. The city is also split into two distinct districts, connected by 30 sets of stairs. Montreal is equally gorgeous. It’s where you’ll find the world’s largest jazz festival and Canada’s most famous street food, Poutine. Blacklane’s city-to-city premium service provides long distance transportation to a number of other Canadian cities, including:

Frequently asked questions

How to get from Montreal to Quebec City

The best way to get from Montreal to Quebec City is by car which takes 2 hours and 50 minutes. There is a train service that runs between the cities which takes between 3 hours and 15 minutes and 4 hours. The Orléans Express bus line also serves both cities.

How long is the drive from Montreal to Quebec City?

It takes 2 hours and 50 minutes to drive from Montreal to Quebec City.

How far is it from Montreal to Quebec City?

Montreal is 158 miles from Quebec City.

Which is better to visit, Montreal or Quebec City?

Whether you're looking for history, great food, nightlife or architecture, both Montreal and Quebec City are great Canadian cities to explore. For foodies, Quebec City has a wealth of [delicious options](, while Montreal’s cobblestoned Vieux-Montréal is the perfect place to explore. Montreal is Canada’s second-most populous city, and therefore you might find more to do here than in the smaller Quebec City.

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