20 Companies with the Nicest Customer Service

28. September 2018 Reader's Digest

Unlike many other door-to-door transportation services, the customer care crew at Blacklane consider themselves integral to business operations and always put the needs of their riders first.

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When Getting the VIP Treatment Is Cost-Effective

27. September 2018 MeetingsNet

“Knowing that you can reliably speed through security for a flat fee is life changing.”

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02. September 2018 Escape

Everyone wants to feel like a first-class traveller and now that luxury is available to the rest of us in cattle class.

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5 Best (and 5 Worst) Car Services in America

22. August 2018 Reader's Digest

There’s just not enough time to fully rave about Blacklane.

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New Flat-Rate Service Can Speed Travelers Through Airport Lines

14. August 2018 MeetingsNet

Blacklane Premium Airport Services & Solutions offers a number of concierge services such as help with bags, access to an airport lounge, and a personal escort between connecting flights, but it is also offering the greatest gift a flyer could ask for: the opportunity to skip to the front of the security line.

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