Blacklane: the branded driver service coming to a shelf near you

29. March 2017 EyeforTravel

As one of the new disruptors in ground transportation, Blacklane is finding that the best way forward is to join forces.

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Spotlight On: Blacklane

14. March 2017 RewardExpert

You have your plane tickets, your luggage and you’re ready for takeoff. The only issue is, who will get you once you arrive at your destination?

That’s where companies like Blacklane come into play. The professional driver service company covers the first and last miles of your journey, which are usually rides to and from the airport.

The company serves more than 50 countries, 250 cities and 500 airports around the world, and has commercially-licensed and insured drivers. Blacklane CRO Dr. Sascha Meskendahl talked with RewardExpert about the company’s travel footprint.

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Hertz’s Latest Twist Is Adding Private Driver Services From Blacklane

09. March 2017 Skift

Everyone has had a rental car nightmare — lost bookings, mysterious dents, or surprise fees. But rental car companies now face a nightmare of their own in fierce car-sharing competition. Expect Hertz’s Blacklane deal to be one of many initiatives as it copes.

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The 34 coolest tech CEOs in Europe

01. February 2017 Business Insider

Business Insider ranked the 34 coolest startup CEOs in Europe, taking into account the founders' personal careers, as well as how innovative their companies are.

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Why Companies Should Offer Employees Several Ride Services

24. January 2017 Business Travel Show Blog

Companies need as much diversity in ride services as they have in airline and hotel suppliers – if not more. The reason is the variety of rides employees take. Ground transportation is often discussed as a uniform service. This view, though, doesn’t reflect the realities (pardon the pun) on the ground.

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