Booking door-to-door is the next opportunity for airlines

15. June 2017 Tnooz

After all, we are door-to-door travelers, not terminal-to-terminal flyers. Ground transportation is inherent in the travel chain, yet it also remains a gap facing airline customers with each trip booked. It is not a matter of if airlines will close this gap, but when they will provide a seamless end-to-end travel experience.

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Finnair claims ground transport revolution with PNR-integrated web bookings

14. June 2017 Tnooz

Specifically and most importantly, such an integration illustrates that airlines are beginning to look at travel beyond what their core service offers – airport-to-airport – to a wider, “travel” business covering door-to-door.

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Duty of Care Matters More Than Price for Buyers of Chauffeured Car Services

14. June 2017 Business Travel News

As traditional chauffeured suppliers and ride-hailing apps battle to coexist, travel buyers prioritize service and safety over price in dealings with their chauffeured car suppliers.

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Hailing Progress

01. June 2017 Business Travel Executive

“Technology is essential for the entire experience,” says Jens Wohltorf, CEO and Co-founder of Blacklane, which provides a portal connecting people to professional chauffeurs. “That includes booking, ride management, the ride itself, post-ride ratings, and the all-important expense management.”

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Blacklane: the branded driver service coming to a shelf near you

29. March 2017 EyeforTravel

As one of the new disruptors in ground transportation, Blacklane is finding that the best way forward is to join forces.

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