Tried & Tested: Blacklane

28. February 2019 Business Traveler USA

When I think about everything this experience could have been, but was not – long lines, language barriers, Paris taxi drivers – I have to say the Blacklane solution was well worth the money.

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Could A Chauffeur Service Help Cut Your Carbon Footprint?

27. February 2019 Forbes

A business firm based in Berlin believes it has found at least part of the answer to cutting carbon footprints for businessmen and travelers.

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Skip The Queues And Travel Like An A-Lister With The Blacklane PASS

09. January 2019 Luxurious Magazine

I’ve never navigated an airport so quickly and with so little stress.

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Blacklane Review

13. November 2018 Global Traveler

Booking all the different services — four total chauffeur rides and PASS arrival and departure services at PHL — was easy, and communication throughout the process via email and text is extremely reliable.

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These Airport VIP Services Make Flying a Breeze

13. November 2018 Bloomberg

You don’t need to fly premium to get a first class airport experience.

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