Looking back and ahead – ground transport’s next turn

22. December 2015 Tnooz

Blacklane’s key selling point, besides global coverage, is delivering a consistent level of service in every location.

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How do you turn your tech start-up into a global giant?

06. November 2015 BBC

Launching your own tech start-up propelled by dreams of becoming a paper billionaire is undoubtedly exciting - and relatively easy these days. But turning your “killer app” or web service into a global giant attracting millions of users and stratospheric valuations is much more difficult.

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How These Companies Are Disrupting The Ridesharing Industry

04. November 2015 Inc.

Using an app to get from point A to point B has become the go-to for Millennials and people all over the world. Here are a few of the top companies, and how they stack up against each other.

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How local professional drivers can better compete against the large limousine companies

26. October 2015 Move Forward

While the taxi industry faces an uncertain future, the fragmented professional driver industry around the world is benefiting from disruptive innovation.

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Blacklane in talks to raise funding

06. October 2015 Bloomberg

Blacklane seeks to add personnel, enter into more corporate partnerships and expand in new markets.

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