Limos & More

15. December 2017 Business Travel Executive

Black car operators are diversifying their fleets to meet changing markets and changing demands

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Collaboration Acceleration

15. November 2017 Business Travel Executive

Rental car companies rev up some unusual connections to deal with a shifting transportation playing field

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Blacklane makes inroads in airport transfers

31. October 2017 TTG Asia

Blacklane’s recent acquisition of US-based Solve, which offers VIP concierge services, will strengthen its foothold in the market, where it already has the potential to displace one of the major income streams of inbound tour operators – airport transfers.

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Blacklane’s chauffeur service sweetens the business travel experience

30. October 2017 Travel Wire Asia

With the boom of mobile-friendly ride-hailing services, there’s no shortage of transport options for business travelers when they touch down in a new country.

But professional driver service Blacklane – with two thirds of its clients using it for business – is setting itself apart by introducing to travelers a more “integrated” approach to getting around.

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Blacklane buys airport services startup, connects the dots

13. October 2017 Tnooz

Co-founder and CEO Jens Wohltorf also told tnooz that Solve’s aggregation approach to the airport concierge services industry mirrored Blacklane’s entry into professional driver segment.

“Solve identified a fragmented market and developed a platform to bring together suppliers, similar to what we are doing. We can give airport concierge services an established brand and global scalability.”

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