Skip the Lines and Enter Lounges in 500 Airports

12. August 2018


Blacklane PASS (Premium Airport Services & Solutions) Makes High-End Airport Amenities Accessible and Affordable

GBTA CONVENTION – SAN DIEGO – 12 August 2018 – Travelers can now skip security and immigration lines for $100 and access lounges for $50 in more than 500 airports around the world. Chauffeur provider Blacklane has launched Blacklane PASS (Premium Airport Services & Solutions) to make the most out of your travel time without annual membership clubs or frequent flyer status.

Blacklane PASS brings new availability, affordability and transparency to:

• Arrival services. The concierge greets you planeside or after customs (depending on airport rules) with a pickup sign. He assists with luggage, takes you to the front of customs and immigration lines, and escorts you to your vehicle.

• Departure services. The concierge meets you at your vehicle. He helps with luggage and bypasses security and immigration lines. Inside the terminal, he assists with VAT refunds and duty-free shopping, and then escorts you to the lounge and/or gate.

• Connection services. The concierge meets you planeside or after customs (depending on airport rules) with a pickup sign. He assists with luggage (including re-checking), bypasses security and immigration lines, and escorts you to the lounge and/or gate.

• Lounges. You get three hours in airline and/or private lounges to enjoy food and beverages, showers, Wi-Fi and other amenities.

You can book PASS services together or separate, with or without Blacklane’s chauffeured rides.

“Airport concierge services are one of the most efficient ways to decrease your travel stress. Now, thanks to our new service, it is also becoming one of the most affordable ways,” said Jens Wohltorf, CEO and co-founder of Blacklane. “Just as our chauffeured rides take stress out of travel on the road, PASS takes it away from the airports.”

PASS replicates Blacklane’s high-quality chauffeur experience with:

• An intuitive booking process that takes less than a minute, for yourself or a third party.

• All-inclusive rates guaranteed when you book.

• Real-time flight tracking and adjustment of pickup times based on actual arrival times.

• English-speaking concierges with personalized pick-up signs and detailed local knowledge.

• Concierge name and contact information sent in advance.

• 24/7 multi-lingual customer care agents available on phone, email and social media.

• Cashless payment and easy invoicing.

“Travelers' most valuable – and most wasted – asset is time,” said Wohltorf. “We save time from your door step to the plane door and vice versa, giving you a seamless travel experience on the ground, be it on the road or within airport terminals.”

Blacklane invented a new way to book chauffeurs and now serves 260 cities across more than 50 countries. The company united local chauffeur companies to provide a high-quality global experience. This approach – now replicated with airport concierges – reduces rates and standardizes quality worldwide, thereby democratizing these services for a larger market.

Individual and corporate travelers, corporate travel managers and travel agents can book PASS at

To learn more about making the most of your airport experience, visit GBTA Stand 1251 and download Blacklane’s newest white paper: “Reclaiming Traveler Productivity with Airport Concierge Services.”