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December 6, 2020

Get away with Blacklane: new fares give travelers the best city-to-city chauffeur rates

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Guests get safe and secluded rides for the holidays and beyond

NEW YORK – 7 December 2020 – Travelers going to and from major U.S. cities can enjoy private chauffeured rides at the industry’s best possible flat rates. Blacklane, the global chauffeur service, cut average prices for 14 routes by 30 percent.

The groundbreaking fares beat legacy limousine services and ride-hailing’s “black” options. Blacklane will discount more routes on an ongoing basis.

Blacklane’s new fares cover California, Florida, the Midwest, the Northeast and Texas. Door-to-door transfers may start and end in cities or suburbs.

Blacklane travelers avoid health concerns of train trips, short-haul flights and ride-hailing. Guests enjoy private sanitized spaces and zero chauffeur contact.

“In every normal year, holiday and winter travel already comes with a lot of chaos and stress. But with this year’s challenges, travelers are trying to relieve these burdens and seek new ways to reclaim peace of mind,” said Dr. Jens Wohltorf, Blacklane’s CEO and co-founder. “Blacklane’s city-to-city rides give guests the safety, space and comfort they need for low-stress long-distance trips.”

New Blacklane Northeast flat rates, compared to other ride services

East Coast flat rates

New Blacklane Florida flat rates, compared to other ride services

Florida flat rates

New Blacklane California flat rates, compared to other ride services

California flat rates

New Blacklane Texas flat rates, compared to other ride services

Texas flat rates

New Midwest flat rates, compared to other ride services

Midwest flat rates

  • Average fare of Uber Black and Lyft Lux Black. Uber Black scheduled fares checked on December 2 for rides on December 9, departing the first city at 12:00 p.m. When scheduled rides were unavailable, data uses real-time rates. Lyft Lux Black real-time rates checked on December 2. ** Average fare of Carey International, Dav El Boston Coach and RMA Limousine. Fares checked on December 2 for rides on December 9, departing the first city at 12:00 p.m.

Blacklane’s chauffeured rides offer unmatched benefits:

Door-to-door safety: Passengers have a private and sanitized space. They bypass health risks from crowded subways, trains, escalators, platforms and stations. Chauffeurs disinfect vehicles and water bottles before each ride. Chauffeurs avoid guest contact and offer guests hand sanitizer. Chauffeurs and guests wear face masks for all rides worldwide. Chauffeurs will provide masks if guests do not have them.

Continual comfort and productivity: Guests enjoy Business Class sedans and SUVs. Vehicles have leather seats and charging ports for tablets and phones. Passengers can work or relax for the entire journey. Chauffeurs’ discretion gives a private space to manage personal affairs.

Flexibility: Travelers and commuters may book each way with as little as one hour’s notice. They can choose any pickup time they desire without being constrained by train or flight schedules. They can cancel rides that exceed 124 miles (200 kilometers) with 24 hours’ notice, and all other rides with an hour’s notice.

Sustainability: Blacklane is the first ride service to offset emissions from all rides worldwide, starting in 2017.

About Blacklane ( Blacklane’s global chauffeur service brings peace of mind to travellers moving through a fast-paced world. The crew’s dedication to safety, reliability, and smart technology places Blacklane at the forefront of a new era of stress-free travel. Since 2017, the company has been carbon-neutral, combining a five-star guest experience with care for the planet. Upgrade your travels on Blacklane’s mobile apps or website.

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