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Your personal Vienna International (VIE) transfer

Your journey from airport to hotel doesn’t have to be stressful. When you reserve a reliable Vienna International Airport transfer from Blacklane, you’ll provide yourself with peace of mind. Serving more than 500 airports around the world, Blacklane utilizes state-of-the-art technology to reserve and dispatch professional chauffeurs for both airport transfers and chauffeur service at Vienna International Airport (VIE). With Blacklane, you get a complimentary 60-minute grace period after your plane lands at VIE and real-time flight monitoring to ensure a delay doesn’t throw off your pickup time. All chauffeurs speak English and are trained, licensed, and insured for commercial operations. Whether you want to use your limousine service at Vienna International to go straight to your hotel or to another location in Austria, such as Salzburg, Blacklane has you covered. From the Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel to Palais Colloredo, Blacklane’s experienced chauffeurs know all the important points of interest around town. The city is famous for its cultural events, wine bars, interesting modern architecture, and imperial traditions, but before you can begin exploring, you’ll need reliable transportation. Make your reservation with Blacklane today.

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Your private chauffeur service for Vienna International

If you’re excited about your trip to Vienna but worried about the hassles at the airport, Blacklane is here to provide you with the freedom you need. It’s ideal for experienced business travelers who don’t have time to waste, and it’s also a great choice for the first-time traveler who is nervous about airport procedures. If you’ll be arriving at VIE, your chauffeur will meet you at the gate, helping you with your luggage before taking you outside, where the Vienna International Airport (VIE) transfer you've arranged will be awaiting you. Our service is ideal for anyone with a tight connecting flight or anyone who’s intimidated by having to navigate a large airport. If you know exactly where you’re going but simply need to pass some time before you get there, check out one of the airport’s quality business lounges.

Making the most of your time in Vienna International Airport

Having time to kill at Vienna International Airport (VIE) doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If your layover is long enough, you may want to consider booking our private car service at Vienna International Airport in advance. That way, you’ll have the option of going landside and enjoying a few hours in Vienna. If you’d prefer not to go landside or are unable to for some reason, your best bet is likely going to be passing the time in an airport lounge. There are a variety of options to choose from at VIE, including Jet Lounge and Sky Lounge. Once you’re situated in the lounge of your choice, you’ll have the freedom to relax and pass the time however you choose. Lounges offer free Wi-Fi, television, magazines and newspapers, and chef-inspired menus featuring gourmet meals. You can even have a shower and change of clothes to freshen up and prepare for the next leg of your journey. The lounges offer flight updates, keeping you aware of how much time you have left before you’ll need to head to your next gate. Check out our comprehensive guide to Vienna International (VIE) on the Blacklane blog.

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A smiling and cleancut chauffeur stands beside his stylish vehicle.

Vienna International Airport (VIE) Information

Airport code: VIE

Address: Wien-Flughafen, 1300 Schwechat

Phone number: +1 800-247-2336

Number of terminals: 4


Distance to city centre: 11 miles