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Your professional Hangzhou car service

A taxi in Hangzhou isn’t always the best option for your airport transfer. The language barrier in China can be rough, and if you can’t communicate with your chauffeur, it will be difficult to get where you need to go. Your trusted Blacklane limousine service in Hangzhou provides the perfect solution. With English-speaking professional chauffeurs and a dedication to excellence, Blacklane shuttles guests between Hangzhou International Airport (HGH) and the hotel of their choice in the city. With your Blacklane ride, you get complimentary flight monitoring and delay adjustment, a 60-minute grace period to allow time to navigate the airport after landing, and even text and email updates letting you know the status of your incoming ride. We believe in providing honest services and maintaining open communication with our clients. So, rather than choosing a taxi and ending up lost in the wrong part of the city, make your reservation with Blacklane today - the ideal taxi alternative in Hangzhou.

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Your professional Hangzhou chauffeur hire

Sometimes referred to as the “Capital of Tea in China”, Hangzhou is a major center for tea farming and production. It’s also known for its silk farms, so visitors who are interested in either of these things will enjoy touring the local plantations and museums. The area also offers plenty of other attractions, but before you can begin exploring, you’ll need a ride. Blacklane’s stylish chauffeur service in Hangzhou is an excellent way to get around the city. For an affordable, all-inclusive fare, you can ride in the climate-controlled comfort of a high-end vehicle with a local chauffeur at the wheel. Be sure to visit the ancient water towns that are located near the city, and from there, head for the Grand Canal, which is the longest canal on Earth and an UNESCO World Heritage location. Along with the museums related to the tea and silk industries, Hangzhou also offers some other interesting choices, such as the China Umbrella Museum and the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History. If you need suggestions for dining and nightlife spots, be sure to ask your chauffeur.

Your efficient airport transfer for Hangzhou

HGH is located 27 kilometers from the Hangzhou city center, which means you won’t want to leave transportation to the last minute, and you won’t want to spend the journey crammed in the back of an uncomfortable taxi. When you book your reliable airport transfer in Hangzhou with Blacklane, you’ll have your choice of sedan or van, ensuring that families and other groups have plenty of space. Download our free app for iOS and Android to make your reservation, or visit our website and use the quick and easy form. Our support line is available 24-hours a day, every day of the year for your convenience. If you need help reserving your comfortable car service in Hangzhou or have any other concerns, we’re here for you.

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