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Real Blacklane chauffeur Yen stands in front of her Mercedes with her arms crossed, wearing a face mask.
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Female chauffeur with mask checking rearview mirror with guest in backseat, both with masks

Intercity rides

Your stress-free solution for traveling between cities, with chauffeurs across the globe.

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Jeffrey closing door for guest with mask

Chauffeur hailingNEW

Enjoy the quality of a traditional chauffeur, with the convenience of riding within minutes of booking.

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Female chauffeur holding pickup sign wearing mask

Airport transfers

With additional wait time and flight tracking in case of delays, our service is optimized to make every airport transfer a breeze.

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Reliable professionals

Discover peace of mind with a licensed, insured, and regulated professional chauffeur behind the wheel.

An airplane with a clock indicating time to spare.

Seamless airport travel

Relax with 1 hour complimentary wait time for airport pickups, plus chauffeurs use flight tracking so you don’t waste time waiting.

A smartphone.

Stay connected

Receive real-time status updates, plus chauffeur contact details, via email and SMS on the day of your ride.

“New chauffeur-hailing service seeks to challenge Uber, Lyft in city rides”

The Wall Street Journal

Change the way you travel

A man in a nice suit holds a smartphone with both hands, using the app to book a ride in advance.

Catching a flight or hopping between meetings? Pre-book your Blacklane chauffeur to enjoy your moment of calm on the road.

Real Blacklane chauffeur Douglas opens the door to the backseat of his vehicle for a guest in a suit, and they are both wearing face masks.

Just think, after a long-haul flight, there’s no waiting for a taxi or getting lost in the airport — your chauffeur is there waiting.

A real Blacklane chauffeur is wearing a mask while she waits for an approaching guest with a pickup sign reading "Mr. Doe".

Calm washes over you when you spot your chauffeur, personalized pickup sign in-hand, ready to whisk you to your destination.

Real Blacklane chauffeur Ben glances at the guest in the rearview mirror, both he and the guest wearing masks.

I'm more than

a chauffeur,


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Easily book, change, or cancel rides on the go. Think of it as peace of mind in the palm of your hand.
A smartphone showing the Blacklane app’s homescreen which includes a button to book a ride, and the details of an upcoming ride.