Hourly chauffeur and full day driver hire

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Enjoy absolute freedom

Our by-the-hour and full-day chauffeur services offer you tailored transport that’s safe, reliable and sustainable.
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Tailored bookings

For just 2 hours up to 24, choose the timeframe that works for you when you book.
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Flexible freedom

Unsure how long your meeting or event will last, where you’re headed next or how many people will need a ride? No problem - with an hourly chauffeur you have total flexibility.
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Global quality, local experts

Enjoy world class luxury and professionalism alongside local knowledge. Your chauffeur is here to help you make the most of your journey.
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Hourly chauffeur service

Wherever you’re going, get there in style. Our by-the-hour chauffeur service covers you for distances of up to 20 km an hour. Just choose how many hours you’ll need to reach your various destinations. You have total flexibility to go wherever you want.

For all your trips

Reliable, flexible and comfortable. For all your meetings and events, our hourly chauffeur service is tailored to you.

- Client meetings: Make the right impression with your business appointments. An hourly chauffeur service includes multiple stops and flexible transportation between multiple destinations.

- Networking events and parties: Start and end the night right. Arrive and leave those major social gatherings in style, with a private hourly chauffeur service.

- Sporting, film or fashion events: Flagship events deserve flagship transportation. For big games, premieres and galas, choose the very best.

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Hire a driver for a day

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Chauffeur on call

Your chauffeur is always on stand-by and ready to drive you during the booked day - which means no waiting and no multi-booking stress.
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Leave your bags with us

Whether you’re traveling with luggage or picking up some new items along the way, leave your belongings with your trusty chauffeur. They’re in safe hands.
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Total flexibility

With an all-day chauffeur, you choose the destination. We’ll take you there in style - including multiple stops and pickups.
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For all the days that matter

Whatever your plans, choose a Blacklane all-day chauffeur to upgrade your experience.

-Spa and resort visit: Downtime should mean total relaxation - so let your chauffeur do the hard work. Arrive at your special destination feeling safe, calm and comfortable.

- Shopping and sightseeing: Hit the city streets for some retail therapy, or book a multi-stop tour for some premium sightseeing. Whatever your plans, your private driver will make the journey smooth.

- Do business in style: For a day of important meetings, don’t cut corners. A private, professional chauffeur service will transport you between workplaces - helping you to shine when it really matters.


How do I book a chauffeur by the hour?

Simply book your hourly chauffeur above or in the Blacklane app.

  1. Choose the day you wish to hire on.

  2. Select the pick-up time and how long you’d like the booking to be.

  3. Choose a vehicle class that suits your needs.

  4. Complete your booking, and enjoy your private chauffeur!

Can my chauffeur by the hour take me anywhere I want?

Yes, they can. You have total flexibility with your destination, and can change your mind before or during your travel.

The only condition is that your chauffeur must have enough time to return to their starting city by the end of your booking. So, if you plan to travel between cities, we recommend booking one-way City-to-City rides instead.

How many hours can I book an hourly chauffeur for?

You can book a chauffeur for any hourly time frame between 2 and 24 hours.

Can I extend the number of hours I’ve booked?

Yes, if you need the chauffeur for additional hours please let them know. If accepted, your account will be charged for the additional time.

Can I change my plans when I’ve hired a chauffeur for a day?

Yes, you can.

With an all-day chauffeur, your driver is on stand-by to travel wherever you want during your allotted time. The only condition is that they must have enough time left to return to their starting city by the end of the booking. If you plan to travel between cities, we recommend booking one-way City-to-City rides.

How long does a day booking last?

You can choose your pickup time and how many hours you want your reservation to last, anywhere between 2 and 24 hours per booking.

How many kilometers can an hourly chauffeur take me?

The by-the-hour chauffeur service covers you for 20 kilometers an hour. Any distance beyond that will incur an extra charge.

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