How early do travelers get to the airport? Now we know.

22. November 2021

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Exclusive data from global chauffeur service Blacklane gives holiday flyers airport insights and reveals how the pandemic changed pre-flight behaviors

BERLIN – 22 NOVEMBER 2021 – Travelers don’t follow airline and airport advice about when to get to the airport. As peak holiday travel approaches, that could lead to high stress, especially for international departures.

Pre-flight guidance typically says to arrive two hours before domestic flights and three hours before international flights. New data from global chauffeur service Blacklane, “How Early Do Travelers Get to the Airport?”reveals, for the first time:

Flyers’ post-pandemic behavior across 35 countries. For example, U.S. domestic travelers arrive one hour and 45 minutes before departure. In the U.K., international flyers get to the airport only two hours and 16 minutes early.

Blacklane calculated the median difference between flights’ scheduled departure times and when guests arrived at hundreds of airports between January and October 2021. Blackane found the airports where travelers give themselves the most and least time to catch their international flights.

U.S. arrival table

EMEA arrival table

The full research publishes travelers’ pre-flight arrival times at 20 U.S. airports for domestic and international flights and 48 EMEA airports for international flights.

Monthly trends from April 2019 to October 2021. These depict how much more buffer time flyers gave themselves to check into flights following new travel restrictions across the U.S., EMEA, Germany, UAE, and U.K. They also reveal gradual increases in U.S. and Germany traveler arrival time this summer and fall.

“Our research shows that travelers cut about 15 to 45 minutes off of recommended times to get to the airport. That new normal has worked thanks to Blacklane’s reliable scheduled rides,” said Dr. Jens Wohltorf, CEO and co-founder of Blacklane. “With the surge of holiday trips, flyers cannot leave their airport transfers to chance. Booking last-minute, unreliable rides will start a domino effect of misery for many travelers."

Blacklane’s chauffeur service spans more than 50 countries worldwide. Guests choose Blacklane for its health and safety standards, consistent high quality, all-inclusive rates, and carbon neutrality. The company confirms airport transfers immediately after guests book and sends chauffeurs’ contact information before pickups, providing peace of mind before and after flying.

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